5 Reasons Why You Should Send Personalised Christmas Cards This Year

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Personalised Christmas Cards This Year

Okay, so the Christmas party season with family, friends, colleagues and clients might be off the cards for this year (at least in the way we typically know it). But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the festivities to them! In fact, now’s the perfect time to think about how you can make an extra effort this year – and bringing a touch of entertainment and personality to your Christmas card list is just the way to do it.

The truth is, writing Christmas cards doesn’t come entirely naturally to us anymore. Our phones are all but glued to our hands and if we want to reach out to someone, we’ll send a text or write an email. We love the thrill of receiving a card, but we don’t always make the time to write them.

Enter personalised Christmas cards – the perfect mix of thoughtful, trendy and effortless.

This year we’ve introduced 11 personalised Christmas card designs - all based around cocktails, coffee and gin, and all printed with your very own greeting inside. Whether you’re sending 10 cards to your nearest and dearest or 200 cards to your coolest customers, here are 5 reasons why you should send personalised Christmas cards this year.

Festive Cocktail Recipes Christmas Card

1. They keep us connected

It’s been a weird and wacky year, and if we’ve learnt anything from it, it’s the importance of staying genuinely connected. And no, not just over Zoom.

When many of us didn’t know when we’d see our friends and family again, snail mail had a bit of a moment. Everyone and anyone was sending gifts, postcards and words of encouragement to their loved ones, and this Christmas it’s no different.

Whether you want to show the cocktail lovers in your life how much you care, or keep your company front of your clients’ minds for 2021 - a personalised card including some useful cocktail recipes to keep them entertained over the festive period tells them they’re worth more to you than a quick text or email.

Mary McLean - 5 stars “This card is more beautiful than it looks for sure! I love the recipes, illustrations and overall look. The customer service was wonderful, too. I highly recommend!”

Festive Coffee Recipes Christmas Card

2. Sending something special shows you’ve made an effort

Checking in on our friends, family, colleagues, and customers is always important, but as the pandemic continues, it’s time to make a fuss.

Anyone can pick up a card from a shop shelf, but a personal touch (like treating your favourite coffee addict to a personalised festive coffees greeting card) shows you’ve paid attention to the things they like, and that you care.

The thought really does count.

Stephanie Arsenault - 5 stars “These cards turned out beautifully! They're great quality, and just so gorgeous; I'm keeping one for myself this season :)”

Fun Christmas cards printed with your greeting on the inside

Fun christmas cards which can be printed with a personal or company greeting

3. We’ll do the hard work for you

Let’s face it – a lot of us don’t enjoy handwriting our Christmas cards. It was an annual childhood chore, and now as adults it’s not exactly up there on our list of priorities. While emails, texts and e-cards are handy, they can’t beat the sound of a Christmas card landing on the doormat. Sending a physical card is the thoughtful thing to do, but we can also make sure it takes away the hard work.

Choosing our personalised cards means we print your personal greeting for you (hooray!) so you’re free to enjoy the festivities without the cramped wrists. Mince pie in one hand, mulled wine in the other…

Chad Michael - 5 stars “We loved these custom cards. Not only are the printed beautifully but, with the recipes inside, it is so much more than just a Christmas card.”

Gin & Tonic Christmas Cards

4. They’re way more fun

Ditch the classic snowy sketches and take it up a notch with something quirky and unique. Because who wouldn’t want a gincredible guide to making 12 tasty festive cocktails to see them through the Christmas period?

Our cards include a list of ingredients and instructions for making 12 festive recipes, turning every recipient into a master mixologist and giving them the chance to show off their new skills to family and friends over the festive season. Someone’s going to have a very merry Christmas indeed…

thewights - 5 stars “Really lovely, quality cards. Bought because I hate the waste of Christmas cards and I think these will be kept beyond Christmas by recipients because the are useful.”

Framed Christmas Cards

5. You’ll give them something to keep forever (and save the planet while you’re at it)

It’s a sad truth that most Christmas cards tend to be thrown away at the end of the festive period. In fact, each year in the UK, 1 billion Christmas cards are put in the bin instead of being recycled. That number of cards, combined with all their packaging, is enough to cover the London Eye almost 50,000 times!

So put the 99p supermarket special back on the shelf – you can do better than that with a personalised card that’s something to be treasured.

Our Christmas cards are a triple-whammy of festive delight. Serving as a thoughtful personalised message, a handy recipe guide and a beautiful A5 art print, they can be framed and kept for all the Christmases to come.

As well as the card itself being a non-disposable and sustainably sourced alternative to your traditional card, our packaging has been chosen carefully to make sure we’re doing our bit for the planet. Plastic-free, with 100% recycled envelopes – we play our cards right when it comes to the environment.

Gincredible Christmas Cards

Order your personalised Christmas cards today

If you’re tired of buying the same generic cards for your friends and family or are struggling to think of the perfect way to say thank you to your clients, take a look at our range of Christmas cards.

We have 11 festive designs to choose from, spanning cocktails, coffee and gin – plus free UK delivery on all orders over £50. Simply choose your design and quantity, enter your personalised greeting and we’ll do the rest.

Thoughtful, easy, entertaining, and a lovely gift; send them something to remember this Christmas.

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