Best Mixologists & Cocktail Accounts to Follow on Instagram

22 Best Mixologists & Cocktail Accounts to Follow on Instagram

A great way to find cocktail inspiration, new recipes and keep up-to-date on the latest mixology trends is by following the right people. And there’s no better platform than Instagram to turn to for drinks inspiration. With photography that makes each drink seem like a work of art, Instagram allows us to get a glimpse at the latest creations from the world’s top trained mixologists, as well as those who have expertly mastered the craft at home.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite mixology accounts to follow on Instagram that are filled with tips, inspiration and mouth watering cocktail recipes you can try at home. Happy sipping!

Passionfruit Margarita Cocktail - @drinksanddan
Passionfruit Margarita Cocktail. Photo @drinksanddan

1. Drinks & Dan

Showcasing original cocktail recipes as well as contemporary twists on the classics, get ready to scroll through mouth wateringly good photos on Drinks & Dan’s feed. From exotic Negronis to boozy iced lattes, Dan shows us just how fun mixology can be.

@drinksanddan on Instagram

Devil’s Margarita Cocktail - @thehobbydrinkchef
Devil’s Margarita Cocktail. Photo @thehobbydrinkchef

2. The Hobby Drink Chef

AJ, better known as The Hobby Drink Chef, crafts vibrant cocktails with flavours and colours that pop. A great resource for those looking to expand their cocktail skills, his feed is an inspiration for many.

@thehobbydrinkchef on Instagram

The M-M-Manky Panky⁣ Cocktail - @ginfluencers
The M-M-Manky Panky⁣ Cocktail. Photo @ginfluencers

3. Ginfluencers

As a gin-centric account, Ginfluencer’s feed is filled with inspired ingredients, fresh garnishes and gorgeous glassware celebrating all things gin. Sharpen your skills by trying out one of the many gin cocktail recipes featured on their account.

@ginfluencers on Instagram

Jungle Firebird Cocktail - @cocktails_for_breakfast
Jungle Firebird Cocktail. Photo @cocktails_for_breakfast

4. Cocktails For Breakfast

Based in the UK, Ant offers up recipes and beautiful shots of the cocktails he crafts. Expect original and tiki takes on the classics, while bright and fun colours make the drinks stand out.

@cocktails_for_breakfast on Instagram

Planters Punch Cocktail - @thecocktailsnob_
Planters Punch Cocktail. Photo @thecocktailsnob_

5. The Cocktail Snob

Camille is a bartender, author and cocktail blogger based in NYC who posts her incredible creations on Instagram. Expect lots of delicious-looking inspiration on her feed, with some truly brilliant cocktail recipes to choose from.

@thecocktailsnob_ on Instagram

Talk Tiki To Me Cocktail - @thebittergringo
Talk Tiki To Me Cocktail. Photo @thebittergringo

6. The Bitter Gringo

Cocktail maker and photo taker, Jonathan documents his delicious cocktail creations and has us scrambling to try make them ourselves. Fill your feed with a selection of his unique recipes and hit that follow button because these are the cocktails you’ll want to try at home.

@thebittergringo on Instagram

The Pursuit Cocktail - @danny_mcmaniel
The Pursuit Cocktail. Photo @danny_mcmaniel

7. Danny McManus

Danny uses unique ingredients and presentations to showcase his cocktail creations. His account boasts a curated collection of recipes and he loves sharing his thoughts and ideas - a great chance for us to see inside the mind of a brilliant bartender.

@danny_mcmaniel on Instagram

The Green Room Cocktail - @sheshedcocktails
The Green Room Cocktail. Photo @sheshedcocktails

8. She Shed Cocktails

Exploring classic cocktails and fruity, tropical creations, Helen posts vibrant photos that wouldn’t look out of place in a cocktail book. A brilliant recipe resource, she shares and celebrates all things mixology by making cocktails for her family and friends. A must-follow.

@sheshedcocktails on Instagram

Mezcal Margarita Cocktail - @ice_and_alchemy
Mezcal Margarita Cocktail. Photo @ice_and_alchemy

9. Ice and Alchemy

Cocktail superstar Josh Suchan’s account goes beyond the recipe and offers short video demonstrations. He also offers virtual mixology classes to help you up your home cocktail game.

@ice_and_alchemy on Instagram

Last One Standing Cocktail - @theweekendmixologist
Last One Standing Cocktail. Photo @theweekendmixologist

10. The Weekend Mixologist

Filled with skilful, creative mixology and tantalising cocktails, Barlow’s account explores the classic techniques that go into making our favourite drinks.

@theweekendmixologist on Instagram

Tonka Tiki Tonga Cocktail - @scottishmixology
Tonka Tiki Tonga Cocktail. Photo @scottishmixology

11. Scottish Mixology

If beautiful photos of amazingly crafted cocktails are your thing, then look no further than Scottish Mixology. Packed with polished shots of his cocktail creations, Jack’s account is filled with creative cocktail recipes with a tartan twist.

@scottishmixology on Instagram

Peach and Rhubarb Daiquiri Cocktail - @chembo_cocktails
Peach and Rhubarb Daiquiri Cocktail. Photo @chembo_cocktails

12. Charles Emberson

Jam-packed with gorgeous cocktail shots, Charles’ account is a library of photos and recipes sharing his incredible creations. His signature photography style makes sure he stands out from other mixologists on Instagram.

@chembo_cocktails on Instagram

Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail - @cocktail_contessa
Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail. Photo @cocktail_contessa

13. Cocktail Contessa

Known for her innovative whiskey cocktails, Heather’s on a mission to make everyone a whiskey drinker, one cocktail at a time. Her incredible mixology skills and knack for flavour means whiskey has never looked or tasted so appealing.

@cocktail_contessa on Instagram

Clever Strawberry Cocktail - @cheerstohappyhour
Clever Strawberry Cocktail. Photo @cheerstohappyhour

14. Cheers To Happy Hour

If you’re an at-home drinker, Brenton’s account is a must-follow. Here you’ll find botanical drinks filled with shrubs, flowers and fruit, ideal for sipping on a sunny afternoon. Why not try out some of the recipes and see for yourself

@cheerstohappyhour on Instagram

Back Burn Negroni Cocktail - @theamateurmixologist
Back Burn Negroni Cocktail. Photo @theamateurmixologist

15. The Amateur Mixologist

Matt’s account is filled with a wealth of gorgeous cocktails and beautiful garnishes. Follow him on Instagram for inspiration, recipes and tips from an award-winning home bartender.

@theamateurmixologist on Instagram

The Pineapple Bramble Cocktail - @holycityhandcraft
The Pineapple Bramble Cocktail. Photo @holycityhandcraft

16. Holy City Handcraft

Miguel’s account is one of the best on Instagram for cocktail inspiration, recipes and tips. We particularly love his contemporary take on the classics, which he puts his own innovative stamp on to really kick his cocktails up a notch.

@holycityhandcraft on Instagram

Charo's Kick Cocktail - @parttimemixologist
Charo's Kick Cocktail. Photo @parttimemixologist via @theworlds50bestcocktails

17. The World's 50 Best Cocktails

If mouth-watering drinks are your thing, then we have just the feed for you. Showcasing the incredible skills of Instagram’s best mixologists, this account regularly features their latest original creations.

@theworlds50bestcocktails on Instagram

The Bronx Cocktail - @just_imbiber
The Bronx Cocktail. Photo @just_imbiber

18. Francesco Braun

One of the best accounts in the business for all things booze-related, Francesco’s account will shake up your motivation and inspire you to become the mixologist you’ve always wanted to be. Packed with flavour inspiration, his carefully curated feed is worth a follow.

@just_imbiber on Instagram

Boulevardier Cocktail - @highproofpreacher
Boulevardier Cocktail. Photo @highproofpreacher

19. High-Proof Preacher

Showcasing his ability to not only create beautiful cocktails, but to show his impeccable photography skills, Jordan is shaking things up with his diverse account. Known for his impressive cocktails, he’s recognised for his unique approach to mixology.

@highproofpreacher on Instagram

The Vesper Cocktail -
The Vesper Cocktail. Photo

20. The Cocktail Blog

The Cocktail Blog shares instructional cocktail recipes showing step by step how to craft them at home. The account is run by Denmark-based mixologist, Morten Krag, whose Instagram feed is filled with awe-inspiring fruity creations and pops of colour. on Instagram

Old Fashioned Cocktail - @denverbarkeep
Old Fashioned Cocktail. Photo @denverbarkeep

21. Denverbarkeep

Tyler’s account shares delicious cocktail recipes and his posts are filled with his insights. His style is classy and curated, and each cocktail he posts comes with detailed instructions.

@denverbarkeep on Instagram

Coffee Cocktail - @stevethebartender
Coffee Cocktail Challenge. Photo @stevethebartender

22. Steven Roennfeldt

Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or a newcomer starting from scratch, level up your knowledge by following the accounts you can learn a thing or two from. Steve The Bartender is one of the best and most creative mixologists on Instagram and his account is the ultimate resource for cocktail inspiration.

@stevethebartender on Instagram

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