About Us

Hi. We’re Jonathan and Matt - brothers, cocktail lovers, coffee enthusiasts, graphic designers, plant parents… and the founders of Everlong Print Co.

We make beautiful, minimal prints and greeting cards that are designed to last a lifetime - cutting down on waste and doing our bit for the planet as we go.

Our mission? Simple really. To create art you can keep forever.

The seeds of Everlong Print Co. were planted long before we were even born. 120 years ago, in fact.

You see, we come from a long line of printers; a family business that spans four generations. And as we grew up, we learned the ins and outs of every department. From design, to print, to finishing - you name it, we did it.

We always knew we wanted to go into design. What we didn’t know was that everything our family business taught us was the beginning of what would later become Everlong Print Co.

In 2015, Jonathan moved into a new house and so we went in search of prints. Unable to find the minimalist vibe we were looking for, and uninspired by what was out there - we decided to make our own.

There was no grand plan behind it. We were just creating the art we wanted to see. It was only when our nearest and dearest started requesting some for themselves that we realised we might be on to something.

The following year, we sold our first print on Etsy and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 2021, we have our very own studio space and our art is hanging on the walls of homes in places as far as New York, Dubai and Australia.

What started out as a passion project has turned into our full-time business and, four years ago, this was something we could have never imagined. As the fourth generation of family printers, we couldn’t be prouder to be carrying on that tradition. This time, with our own modern twist.

We didn’t choose the printer’s life, the printer’s life chose us!

Our Prints

All our products are designed, printed and packed in-house. That means we have a say in every part of the process, including our impact on the environment. When you order from us, not only are you getting a quality print - we’ll also give you an unboxing experience that isn’t spoiled by non-recyclable plastic.

Every print is designed with love, packaged with care, and delivered with that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’ve done right by the planet.

FSC Paper • Plastic-free • Naked card campaign • Eco-cellophane bags • Recycled cardboard tubes • Soy ink dyed, acid-free tissue paper

Our Promise

After we’ve had a little celebration about your order hitting our inbox (no, really – it never gets old), you can rest assured we’re behind every step of the process.

Everything is carefully designed, printed and packaged by us personally to ensure you have the best possible customer experience. From the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your door - we’re here for you every step of the way. You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on something we’ve created, and over time you’ve given us the dream we never even knew we wanted. It’s the very least we can do.